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Join us in September for our in-person retreat in Europe! Rewire your relationship and being in entrepreneurship from the core to rise in your true leadership & train your nervous system flexibility to step up and push the boundary for what is possible to you!

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"Every interaction with Elaira is magic made real. She transfers knowledge and wisdoms through gentle and powerful inspirations. Working with her feels safe like in mother’s arms, then I have the courage and determination to face my deepest fears and dare to dream and create the life I always wanted."
Mer Pechersky

"What a great experience and journey! Refreshing, sharp, honest, grounded, intuitive, empowering and absolutely wonderful- just a few words that come to mind when thinking of Elaira. She is fantastic at asking the right questions, at guiding you to the root of things and at holding space. Elaira supported me in finding clarity on certain topics, in connecting dot’s and in re-discovering powerful parts of myself. The coaching sessions were the best investment in myself I made in a very long time."
Ilse Hemmelmayr