Different money strategies masterclass

I don’t work with fixed prices. I open my heart, I trust you and your integrity to send me your heart appreciation that feels right.

Pay what you want!

Suggested financial contribution

30 – 120 dollars.


I invite you NOT to contribute from the place of scarcity. Take a moment and choose consciously what energy you are joining it with. How are you relating with this investing?


Minimum price: 30.00

In this masterclass, I will share my 5 years personal journey as entrepreneur working with different money exchange strategies: from allowing people to pay what they want, to working on fixed prices and all the variants in between.

I will share what I learnt from it personally, what worked, what didn't, what I believe is needed to be successful in each of those methods and why I keep saying that "your capacity is way more important then your strategies".


The content:

  • Allowing people to pay what they desire (setting minimum donations, sliding scales, etc).
  • Fixed prices and payment plans.
  • Crypto.
  • What structural, technical and internal capacity is required for each of them.
  • And why underneath it all your money capacity is way more important then your money strategy.


It's not enough to know different money strategies, tools, or set prices. You need to go deeper, you need to build strong inner foundations where the money could be allowed, land and meet you. You need to know what is right for you and in which case.


If you would love me to address some burning questions regarding the topic, feel free to drop them via e-mail support@elairasanctuary.space.

This is my personal story and perspectives. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

P.S. Payment is final. No exchanges or refunds are possible.