Money date

I don’t work with fixed prices. I open my heart, I trust you and your integrity to send me your heart appreciation that feels right.

Suggested financial contribution range 100 – 300 dollars. Choose what you want and notice what energetic space you are entering when deciding the amount, how do you relate with this amount.

Minimum price: 100.00

For Valentine's day I organized this powerful event to sit at the table with money and review, rewire your relationship with it. It is a strong transmission and people who participated reported profound shifts. Due to that, make sure to dedicate some spaciousness and time for integration.

Did you know the word valentine comes from a latin word meaning strength? Maybe you are celebrating that in your life or would like to welcome in more of it? I would like to invite you this month to have a date with money as your valentine!

Most of us never took the proper time to build the relationship we really want with money. We inherited our relationship with money from our parents or surroundings and off we go on autopilot.

And a lot of people just simply deny or ignore topic of money but subconsciously want to have more of it. Or, they search for other money alternatives but still carry the same “relational capacity” issue with them, like a weight that clouds their judgement and direction or ability to truly problem solve around money rather than living in quick-fix solutions.

If your current money situation would be a partner, would you date it? Would you want to shower it with cards, flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s day and celebrate the strength of your partnership? Or maybe you need to give it a bit more tender loving care?

I have created a 2-day retreat (1.5 hour each day of live calls plus the extra reflection and preparation time you would like to spend) for you to deepen and strengthen your relationship with money. The calls will be recorded and a replay will be available in the future… but it is always nicer to participate live, isn’t it?

In this two-day intensive we will cover:

  • The reasons why it is important to build a healthy relationship with money even though it is certain that FIAT currency will collapse in the future.
  • A review of your current relationship with money & the rules of relating you are currently using.
  • An exploration of both money energetics and practical money issues, such as bank accounts.
  • Getting clear about your desired way of relating with money and addressing how to close the gap that may currently be there between that and where you are at right now.
  • A collective release, let go and forgiveness ceremony.

Does that sound like a treat?

Then let’s take this opportunity to have a beautiful and loving time with money and with ourselves. I’m sure your money date will be touched by your investment!


Create your own sanctuary - prepare a nice dating environment, have a money reflection notebook and pen, light up some candles, put some nice smells in the room and dress up like you want money to treat you.