Ethical Marketing Workshop

I don’t work with fixed prices. I open my heart, I trust you and your integrity to send me your heart appreciation that feels right.

You can pay what you want. Suggested energetic exchange is 25 – 55 euro.

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The business world is fundamentally changing and old ways don't work anymore. We are on the rise of new business paradigm. We are living in an era where spiritual, awakened, more conscious people are diving into the world of entrepreneurship, but not any way that anyone has done before… We are doing it in a unique way! We do it in tandem with universe, our innate nature, love of the body and alignment of our heart integrity!

A lot of us are in the process of learning, healing and redefining how we relate with a world, with each other, with money, with clients, with our gifts and with business. And now I invite to do that with marketing!

Our marketing was and is corrupted. And we all had to sit with distaste of it: shadow side of capitalism and consumerism, manipulative & pushy sales.

And this will not go away unless we - visionaries, new business paradigms leaders, creatives and conscious business advocates - step up and claim our voice, our freedom to express our gifts, creativity & our medicine. Nobody will fix it for us but us. It’s our responsibility!

For me, marketing is not only your sales funnel or instagram strategies (though it's important part of marketing).  I actually built my successful business mostly without them or building them while listening the directions from my body.

So, I invite you to have a conversation about this topic from the deeper layer because fundamentally marketing is much broader then that - it’s about intimacy in your relational & visibility capacity, it’s feeling safe to be seen, allowing your voice to be heard in a way it wants to be expressed, it’s liberation of your expression which not only empowers others but also you. It’s not only sharing what you do but also focusing on HOW you do it.

Marketing can be way bigger & more important hen just promoting your products - it’s what lays our new culture of relating, ways of being and supporting each other, it’s what allows us to know each other in the more profound & beautiful ways. It also enables to discover & express ourselves & our creations from the depth, care, love, & expansion like we never did before because we do that not from connection trauma response & unhealthy attachment style but from healed and aligned nervous system.

Sales and marketing is the bloodline of our business and still in my experience most conscious entrepreneurs are a bit allergic to it.

I invite you to rewire how you do sales, marketing, and explore deeper on how you show up in the world!

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are entrepreneur and want to build heart based business.
  • You also want to build business with ease, flow, integrity and your personal alignment.
  • You struggle with marketing and sales approach in your business because you feel allergic from manipulative, unethical marketing or you tried some strategies but it didn't work.
  • You would love to build heart based business with care.
  • You would like to find your authentic marketing approach and get different perspectives about modern conscious marketing movement.

This is 90min practical and educational online workshop where we will explore:

  • When marketing feels bad and when it feels good?
  • How do you want your marketing to feel for others?
  • What is "Point of view marketing"?
  • Exercise about your possible key messages to the world.
  • Q&A and shares
  • I will also share and invite you to my 2 months modern conscious business program if you would like the deeper dive.

More about me and my approach:

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