Elaira Flow Easter Tracks Bundle

I don’t work with fixed prices. I open my heart, I trust you and your integrity to send me your heart appreciation that feels right.

Available only between 10th and 18th of April.

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I have a special announcement and expansion opportunity for you during this easter period!

Between 10th and 18th of April I will be releasing eight embodiment tracks in a bundle at a special price to give you a chance to go deeper in your own time with the expansion of your capacities and simultaneously get a taster of all the juicy programs I am currently offering.

My voice has a healing frequency and it will help your nervous system to regulate and can also initiate your path of necessary action more efficiently so you can live more of your desires in your business and life.

I am moving fast these days as more and more offerings want to be created through me to initiate a smooth-as-possible transition for all of you trailblazers from the old business paradigm to the new one. The tracks in the bundle have been selected from the three capacity immersion programs I currently offer (create links to landing pages):

  1. Nervous System Foundations - available online now for you to complete in your own time.
  2. Capacity Path - first powerful group currently in session, second group commences in August.
  3. The Sacred Sales Voice - my newest program which starts this May.

The tracks in the bundle carry the energy of these programs so you can get a feel for my different programs to see which you resonate with and need at this time.

Normally, I would price track from 25 till 35 euro which leads this package being from around 200 to around 250 euro of value. But now I feel inspired to price it with minimum 60 euro donation access and make it temporary available for everyone as a celebration for my own business new phase. Also, as the opportunity for you to have a sneak peak window into my sacred Sanctuary Portal.

The limited time offer reasoning is purely because I don’t have inspiration or intention for now to make those tracks available for everyone regularly. They are built to be supportive materials for a very powerful programs and as part of the very wholistic journey in there. As you know, I am not a big fan of snacking.

Another intention I had with this, to give people extra toolkit as preparation for a turbulent times ahead. So, despite if you are interested to join my programs or not, this package can be a very valuable and supportive for staying in your center and manage your capacity to stay focused on your path.

I hope you will find it supportive, enjoy and appreciate this gift!

More about the tracks…

  1. Nervous System Speaks through Somatics from Nervous System Foundations - Practice body awareness with this track and get connected with the broader strokes of your nervous system. According to my clients feedback it is one of my most popular and impacful tracks.
  2. Processing the Freeze Response from Capacity Path - Our old business paradigm is deeply built from a dysregulated nervous system and "functional freeze response". Freeze state is not tolerated in our society, that's why we have such an addictive coffee culture. This track helps you go into your freeze state and hear the wisdom your body is trying to impart here.
  3. Day Review and Celebrations from Nervous System Foundations - This track is built to increase your nervous system and receiving capacity. It’s helpful to use it as part of your evening unwinding ritual and listen to on a regular basis just before sleep. It supports your nervous system to sooth, lean into easeful gratitude, and rewire your system to feel safe in allowing joy, positivity and recognition. Use it to train your celebration muscle and recognise the good things in yourself and your life.
  4. Restoring your Energetic Field: Boundaries and Safe Space from Nervous System Foundations - Take a moment to restore your physical and energetic boundaries by going deeper with this track. This recording will help you to refresh and restore your energetic field to hold more of your own energy.
  5. Enter your heart sanctuary from The Sacred Sales Voice - This track helps you connect with your core energetic signature, your essence and will help you navigate those times you loose yourself or get distracted by old identities or other influences. It’s aimed to help you re-connect to the home within and create your business from your core energetic signature.
  6. Success Is Guaranteed: Claiming Your Desires from Capacity Path - Welcoming in the desires you have, bringing them into your quantum field and energetically allowing their energy to be felt in your body so that when they then appear in the physical world you will recognise them and your nervous system will be ready to accept them.
  7. Dealing with a charge from Nervous System Foundations - This track is dedicated for times when you feel activated, triggered and charged. It invites you to connect with your charged sensations and process them. It’s dedicated for your times of emergencies but if you have a lot of stored trauma, it can be helpful to start practice small, connect with less intense times and parts with not highest intensity. Practice and build the capacity from there.
  8. Money Date from Capacity Path - This track is dedicated to help you build and rewire you relational capacity with money. It’s great to use it on a regular basis and see where you block yourself from receiving money, reflect on HOW you want to relate with money and HOW you want to receive money. It invites you to connect and build intimacy.