Community Call (July)

I don’t work with fixed prices. I open my heart, I trust you and your integrity to send me your heart appreciation that feels right.

This event is free and you can pay 0 or contribute anything your heart appreciation feels inspired to. This is the easiest way to connect with me, my work and check it out if you would like to explore our connection further.

July 10th (Monday)

6pm Tbilisi / 4pm CEST / 10am EDT

We will have 1 hour call where you can join my world. I also elaborate on the different themes. 

We usually also discuss:

√   What are the forms and what is The New Business Paradigm.

√   What's happening and relevant topics in that period and ways to join me.

√   Address your questions & community needs.

√   Share what's coming and how can you receive support.

√   Ways to join capacity work deeper through, coming events, retreats and other programs.

√   Connecting with like minded conscious new business paradigm pioneers.

More about me and my work:

If you decide to join my world, I welcome you with free powerful gift:


A couple FYIs:

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Also, this conversation will be recorded and we will use video from it on various online platforms. I usually take out only my part of the share for public use and I also try to record where only the speaker video is available, but you may be included via your questions. I want to be transparent and give you heads up.