Self leadership capacity inventory

It’s your ability to embody and express your innate gifts, your meaning, your purpose, your creativity in the work you do and the authentic way, form that works for you. It’s your capacity to claim your sovereignty, leadership and power in life and business. It’s about claiming your desired life and who you want to be.

The purpose of this overview is to increase your awareness about self leadership capacity edges, blind spots or the ways your may leak your power.

This list is the the summary of the most common examples I encountered through years of my practise and personal journey. By far the list is not complete and if you feel like you would like to suggest or to add something, feel free to drop me the e-mail 

It is important not to take this list as a final and strict measurement tool of your capacity but use it more as directional and educational material to gain deeper capacity blind spot awareness. And this is why:

  • The proportion and weight of each statement below can feel very different. For example, it can be 1 check mark in 1 area but it’s huge, versus maybe other area has 6 check marks but it’s less impactful. It’s not necessary more checkmarks you have, you need to prioritize. It can be 1 so big that it may surpassed others or be the root cause & core for others. If you clear one, others may clear up too.
  • All those capacities often interlink and go hand in hand. For example, “Feast of Famine” cycle issue can be a combination of several capacities. It is usually go hand in hand with money & nervous system capacity but also it can be  self leadership and/or receiving capacity issue.
  • And each blindspot is very unique to each of us. It can be we both have Visibility blindspot but how it shows up, how it impacts the business, how you showing up can be very different.

Self leadership capacity possible leakages and blind spots list

  1. You hesitate to fully express yourself, fearing it may be too much.
  2. You’re hesitant to embrace your potential because you are unsure of your ability to manage it.
  3. Despite yearning for success, you doubt your abilities and feel it’s reserved for a select few, it feels far away.
  4. You distract yourself instead of harnessing your power, but it gives an illusion of progress.
  5. You desire to be seen, understood, and appreciated for who you are and your contributions, but feel misunderstood.
  6. Fear of rejection leads you to hide your true self, choosing invisibility.
  7. When you begin to realize your potential, you may encounter initial challenges and that cause you to retreat and give up. You don’t stick through and give up quickly.
  8. Managing your anger is a struggle; you either suppress it or express it destructively.
  9. You often censor your truth.
  10. You neglect your needs, don’t claim your deep heart desires and fail to establish clear boundaries.
  11. You don’t feel fully fulfilled in your work and/or that you are living your purpose.
  12. You don’t have fully established identity who you want to be or become. You get influenced by other people enthusiasm, inspiring and powerful identities.
  13. You continuing to do programs and services which doesn’t ignite you anymore and/or doesn’t really work too but that is what brings money or that is what “worked” before. You dismiss the evolution that wants to happen and stick with what you know to keep safe.
  14. You hold on to people, places, things, identities and experiences that are no longer serving you by recreating and repeating traumatic, hard or painful situations for yourself.
  15. You are afraid and avoid at all cost to take big decisions and/or have difficult conversations.
  16. You scared to confront your fears. And your fears are bigger then your desires. Fears are leading your life, business and expression.
  17. In your hard times, you approach people and seek support from the place of disempowered victimhood, “fix me” mentality or “emotional dumping” place sometimes even without attuning with another person if it is ok to do that. You do that in order to feel a release because it’s hard for you to stay in your power, resource yourself and take responsibility to hold uncomfortable emotions.
  18. You can’t seem to make right decisions for you or I don’t trust yourself in decisions.
  19. You don’t know what you innate gifts are or how to express them.
  20. You often or constantly feel stuck.
  21. You struggle to find your own authentic voice and tend to hide behind other people voice or methods, systems, ways of doing business.
  22. You don’t fully relate with your audience/clients, relationships in your personal life or you don’t fully feel seen for who you are, what you offer, how you prefer to relate. You attract not right people or your are not clear who is your audience or you don’t feel your have people who understand you in your personal life.
  23. You don’t have you CEO, spaciousness, reflection days scheduled where you can integrate your becoming, review and celebrate your milestones, dream and envision where you want to go, who you want to be, look into big picture and direction. You are functioning more as employee in my own business or distract yourself from listening with too busy agendas.
  24. You too often delegate your recognition, approving the value of you and defining success to external forces, systems, people. You are too focused too much for external approval, chasing followers instead of honouring your gifts, creation process and what you heart dies to put there out in the world. Or you try to find the feeling of safety externally or delegate to people who are not able or not their job to give it to you.
  25. You are not full heartedly devoted, respectful or understanding of your creativity process. You don’t dedicate enough time and space needed for it or you are too judgmental, too harsh, or kill it with perfectionism or too soon outcome expectations.
  26. You are not living your Human Design embodiment. You play out a lot my “not self” themes (if you know Human Design).
  27. Sometimes you feel you don’t know who you are or what you actually do anymore. You feel stuck and lost what is your direction.
  28. You know for a while you need to make a change in you work, business model, you brand, you career and stop avoiding addressing certain areas of your business eco-system but you keep holding back and delaying out of fear of consequences.
  29. You are afraid and avoiding to takes risks, trust the process or stick with the journey because there are no evidence of it working yet even deep down in your heart you know that is the right thing to do.
  30. You know it’s not you strategy, job, or business model that’s the problem, it’s something deeper that you can’t pint point.
  31. The business or career that you built seems like built by the old version of you and who you are now is not aligned with that anymore.
  32. The same business model, offering or clients that brought me success level where you are now feels like a pair of one size too small.
  33. There is a project/creative/dream idea you’ve been wanting to work for years but you keep putting it off because your current work keeps me so busy or sabotage it in other different ways.
  34. You attract potential clients or people in your relationships who don’t know where they are going, what’s their purpose or aren’t clear what they want from a relationship with you. AKA: wishy washy people.
  35. You thought removing yourself from the business “everyday activities” or hiring other people to take over to make you feel better but I just realized it’s not a problem or it doesn’t work. You still feel dissatisfied or without a progress, ease even I don’t do things anymore you didn’t like doing anymore.
  36. You are doing apparently all the right things but things are still not flowing, not working.
  37. You are afraid you won’t be able to earn money from doing what you really love so you just stick to what’s made money and have been successful so far. Or keep doing what you love as a hobby but it should be your business.
  38. Deep down you know you not practising what you preach or walking your talk, you lack embodiment of the topics you teach or you hide under other people modalities, words. You have imposter syndrome due to that and you are worried being figured out.
  39. You are often dismiss urge to create things because you think “haven’t enough been done that already?” What I would bring to the table that is different.
  40. You feel trapped in your current business or life, it feels like a gilded cage.
  41. You have fear of success which prevents you truly thrive.
  42. You have big fear of failure which prevents you going forward.
  43. You often wonder how successful people you admire get it all done while you can barely keep it together or you will crash if you expand to the next level and this makes you feel you may not have what it takes.
  44. Your time is often usurped by one area of your business or life so much that you have very little time to devote to other areas that need to be focused on in order for you or company to grow. For example, your family distracts you all the time and you never get to sit with your work. Or there are situations, people that constantly drags you down, leakage your power and kicks you out of your center. It feels like trying to ride a bike with a stick in the wheels.
  45. You are too much in your masculine doer, action mode and you don’t allow enough spaciousness, creativity, just to be or feel. OR you are too much in your feminine energy, feeling, waiting for the spark to start but don’t get anything done, things are not built and/or you don’t have structure for anything yet. Your feminine and masculine/ yin and yan energy is not in balance.
  46. You have “Bright, shiny object syndrome”. Jumping from one thing to another in what you do and how you do it.
  47. You are not having joy, satisfaction, peace, feeling of success in your work, life and/or business.
  48. You don’t know how to be authentic in your business.
  49. Your clients or some people in your life have too much access to you. You know you have to rearrange who and how much has access to your precious energy.
  50. You don’t fully realise or treat your energy with sacredness, preciousness and respect it deserves. You have a lot of energetic leakages, waste it there or here, and give it away easily, spent it on people, clients or experiences that doesn’t deserve your energy anymore. And when real opportunities show up, you don’t have energy left.

How many of “YES” in total: ________