Financial Appreciation

Here’s how/why I work this way

I believe the new business paradigm enables so much more freedom of expression and different ways of relating.

It is inviting vastly increased diversity and individuality in how we do business. That includes a variety of forms how we exchange too.

My personal desire is to rewire how we relate with money, what energy we infuse there, how we invest and receive. I want to bring more intimacy, conscious choice, connection and energetic abundance in money conversations. Let’s not do coldhearted, unconscious and sometimes even numb scarcity based transactions. I receive not only the number but your energy that comes with it too!

Due to that, I show up with my care and I empower you to take ownership and responsibility of investing in yourself. I let you to decide what you want to contribute to your own expansion and safe container to go to your personal depth. I invite you to feel your heart, your intuition, body and senses on this. It can be really powerful and healing moment of realignment if you allow it and don’t rush it through… Amount you decide can also set the energy and intention the way you show up in the sessions. As I said, money is energy and also money can be a great amplifier.