Capacity Path is an advanced super-level masterclass for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business with ease, flow and joy!

During this three-month immersion, you will receive consistent support as you step into a bigger version of yourself.

 Discover more of your innate potential and increase your capacity to hold and receive your dreams; tap into the depth of who you are; and rewire your relationship with your business as you take aligned action towards the embodiment of your desires.

Discover that more clients, money and responsibility does not need to mean more stress and overwhelm.

Heal and purify your relationship to money, business, marketing and yourself. Experience balance in your business and life as you stretch your upper limit and learn how to sit with discomfort as you transform. With capacity work you don’t have to accept either, or; you can have and, and! And it can feel light and effortless.

“Under Elaira’s guidance, I changed my life beyond recognition.”

Beata Imans, 2022

Take a Quantum Leap Forward

Close the gap on the success you deeply desire and deserve. Live the bigger version of you, bringing the great gifts forward you have to share in these transition times on earth.

Eight capacities will be covered in this three-month immersion into your business life: Money, Boundaries, Nervous System, Visibility, Relational, Structural, Receiving and Embodied Leadership. To read more about these CLICK HERE.

Groundbreaking Discovery

Uncover your true capacity to hold and receive all your dreams, repressed desires and innate potential.

What You Will Receive:

Consistent Support

3 x live sessions per month (masterclass, masterheart and mastermind) of group & individualized coaching and healing sessions, covering the eight capacities in depth, plus a week off in between to rest and integrate. Get new imprints, level up and accelerate what is possible to you & your business.

  Practical Advice

Troubleshoot individual stumbling blocks and receive practical direct feedback in the road of your building (e.g. money & pricing, launching, feminine vs masculine leadership, structures, offers, etc). Create, activate & accelerate your business from your expanded version. 


Be part of a facilitated group on Telegram messenger where you can receive support, ask questions and be witnessed by your fellow group of trail blazing entrepreneurs.

Educational Material

Lifetime access to Capacity Path Portal with supportive resources: videos, recorded tracks, worksheets, embodiment practices, your capacity questionnaire, and homework tasks to inspire your growth.

Feel held as you notice limiting habits and start to make different choices, rewiring the way you relate with your business and expanding your capacity to hold and receive more.

“From the first moment we connected as a group and throughout the retreat, Elaira was holding a safe space for us. We could reach out daily through the telegram group. I was more aware during retreat days about what kind of state I was in and I could almost immediately make a shift to a more calm and restful state.”

Hilda Wieland, 2022

Rewire Your Nervous System; Rewire Your Business

Discover your edge and stretch it. Heal the foundational wounds that affect your business and personal growth.

In the new business paradigm, success is much more about your way of being in business than the pure hard work “doing”.

Many skilled entrepreneurs are still functioning from a dysregulated nervous system so I feel so happy to be on the cusp of this wave of making my business and in turn my life way more balanced. It has a powerful ripple effect on those around me. And taking this course didn’t demand tonnes of extra “work”, more tuning into the space and materials provided and naturally becoming more aware.” Bryony Perkins – Nervous System Capacity Programme participant, 2022

Click here to view my nervous system capacity programme, the bedrock of all my capacity work and recommended preparation for Capacity Path.

A Totally New World Opens Up

Break your upper limit and open to new, more aligned possibilities in your business and life.

It’s not only about healing the nervous system, but also building its capacity to receive more. We’ll tap into our nervous system creation power and discover how it can support the visions we want to bring to fruition.

“The very gentle but powerful presence of Elaira shifts you so deeply, it catapults you into a new experience of flow and surrender. I loved every minute of the program. It really changed my life.”

Karina Czapla, 2022

This program is for your if:


You are a conscious entrepreneur who desires depth and ready for a more rooted devotion towards your business, mission and self leadership.

You understand that your external business growth comes from your deepened internal capacity & expansion.

You already have a business!

You have done quite some inner work, trauma healing and now feel ready to build strong business foundations, level up, and offer your gifts more widely.

You are able and ready to sit with the discomfort of feeling your capacity edge as well as experiencing the pleasure of expansion.

You are ready to step up in your self leadership capacity. You want to claim yourself as a CEO rather than an employee and are willing to invest some time and money into your entrepreneurship and business vision.

You want to do business in a different way and embody a new business paradigm

You long to find your voice, express yourself authenticly and structure the business that works for your unique personality and energy.

You are ready to make new rules how you do business, relate with money, clients and your offerings. You want to rewire your imbedded imprints of hard work, struggle, burn out & one size fits all. You desire to expand and grow your business with more ease, flow, self compassion and joy. 


Joining Capacity Path will be on an application basis.

And we start on February 1, 2023

If you don’t have one or two hours per week to dedicate to yourself as CEO and leader of your vision, you will still be an employee working hard in the rat race.

If you feel ready to invest in your entrepreneur journey and step into bigger shoes, click here to fill in my application form and tell me more about you and your business. I am so excited to hear more about what you desire and dream for yourself and this world.

“It almost doesn’t matter which capacity retreat you take. You will transform. And best of all, Elaira creates a container of such safety that you can’t help but shed unwanted patterns. And I haven’t even mentioned anything about business! That’s because it starts within and radiates out to all you do!”

Tal Simchoni, 2022

See Your Business As a Path That is Unfolding

It’s not a programme you finish and get a certificate, it’s more a path of unfolding… It’s the path of your BECOMING.

Get Ready for Take Off…

Stepping into a bigger version of ourselves means being willing to leap.

But you don’t have to do this alone; I will be there to catch you in the freefall of unfamiliarity.

We live in times where we can choose how we want to be, what we want to experience, and how we want to receive it. We can be powerful architects of a whole new business paradigm, based on care and respect.

My personal mission is to invite the experience of entrepreneurship as the journey of more homecoming to yourself and model for people the experience of building business with ease. Entrepreneurship no longer needs to be a hard and lonely path.

We can blaze trails in community, receive the support we need, and stretch our capacity together.

Capacity Path is my most extensive programme to date and I am so excited to launch it with you!

Invest in Yourself

What’s the worst that can happen when you take a chance on yourself?

Pay only after your spot is approved!


$1000 for 3 months

$3000 full

$750 for 4 months

Please note that all payments are final. No refunds or replacement will be available once you make your purchase and register. We also accept crypto currencies.

Contact in case of questions. We can also have 30min free call about the program if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Can I join if I don’t have a business but want to do healing work?

Having a business is a requirement for joining Capacity Path.

This particular programme, although it will have a healing aspect, is tailored for the moment in your journey where you feel ready to share outwardly your gifts into the world by means of a business.

If you feel that you have a lot of trauma healing to do and are generally in an inward-looking phase, this may not be for you. If this is the case for you and you feel a resonance with capacity work and its healing potential, I recommend taking a look at my Nervous System Foundations Programme, which has my signature forward moving approach but will provide very powerful tools to help and support you with your trauma healing process.

Will I get enough individualized support?

This immersion is powerfully structured to give you as wholistic support from different angles as possible.

You will have great mix bewteen personalized, individual coaching, group benefits and educational program. We will have scheduled live gathering and it will be plenty materials to deepend on your own or reach out the group when you need it.

I structured it in a unique way which enables  to give attention to your mental clarity, energetics, emotional body and somatic embodyment; from stepping into quantum field to practical hands on steps.

I call it my most comprehensive program for a reason.

Will it work with my timezone?

Before the start, we will collect the information from all signed up participants and will tailor the best possible schedule for all.

Saying that, I am located in Tbilisi, Georgia and that limits some time availability options.

Reach out to if you want to address this topic with us before signing in.

How much time will it require?

This programme is designed for people who have a business and want to expand, so ideally you will have some time (minimum 2-4 hours per week) to dedicate to Capacity Path, for live calls, homework tasks and all-important self-reflection during the process. Having said that, capacity path is an immersion so everything that arises in your life during the time it is happening will automatically be a way for you to apply what you are learning. It’s a way of using your intelligence in integration with the whole of life rather than going into a solely mental place to “work things out” or “get your shit together” in a compartmentalised approach to business. The demands of daily life and your business will be good ways to test your capacity, stretch your edges and rewire your way of making choices. Capacity work is about being able to manage many things without getting stressed so if you have a busy life and still feel drawn to this programme then it could be the perfect antidote! You will have lifetime access to all the material provided during the 3-month programme so you can revisit at your leisure.

What is the most challenging aspect of capacity work?

The capacity edge can feel really uncomfortable! Sitting with the capacity edge where you feel frustration and discomfort because things are not flowing, or there is something you out grew and to really allow yourself to process that, to breathe through it and see what it’s inviting you into. The results can be huge and life-changing, but the process is not always comfortable.

Part of the transformation comes from envisioning and tapping into what is energetically possible for you, but part of it comes through really aligned action. They go hand in hand. If you only address the energetic and dreaming part, there is a part of the embodiment that you miss. It’s about actually starting to gradually do things differently.

To choose differently and really to say no when your mind goes bananas but you know this is aligned action for you.

Rewiring can be hard! But it’s about prioritising that and really building new habits. 

I’m interested in the nervous system foundations program too. Would it be too much to join both programs at the same time?

It’s very complimentary and actually very highly recommended to join both or finish Nervous system foundations before you join the Capacity Path for the best benefits.

You can get 150 dollars gift if you decide to buy Nervous System Foundations Course course in combination with a Capacity Path.

Nervous system capacity is the bedrock of my work in approaching outer success in your business by delving into your inner landscape, across physical, mental, spiritual and emotional planes. Your nervous system governs most of your decision-making process, so it’s worth getting to know where it’s at and how it likes to behave. This is something you can shift and change as you expand your capacity.

Click here to go to the landing page for the Nervous System Foundation Programme.

Click here to see a link to my one-hour summary workshop about nervous system capacity.

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